This year, the Grimme Prize primarily awards projects that deal with difficult issues such as depression or racism.

Depression, anxiety disorders, the corona pandemic, racism and social injustice: This year, the Grimme Prize particularly honored projects that dealt with difficult issues.

In the entertainment competition, the episode of “Chez Krömer” with Torsten Sträter (55) as a guest was awarded. In it, Kurt Krömer (47) and the comedian talk about how they deal with their own depression – for Krömer it was the first time that he had spoken so openly about the disease.

In the same category, the jury also awarded “Friday Night Jews”, which reports on Jewish life in Germany with Daniel Donskoy (32), as well as the quiz show “Who is stealing the show?” by and with Joko Winterscheidt (43).

Two prizes for Bjarne girls

In the field of fiction, Bjarne Mädel (54) can be happy twice: He received an award for the TV film “Delivered”, in which he plays a single parent parcel delivery man. In addition, his directorial debut “Sörensen hat Angst”, which is about a police inspector with an anxiety disorder, was awarded. Other winners in the category are “The Ibiza Affair” about the Austrian political scandal surrounding FPÖ politician Heinz-Christian Strache (52) and the mini-series “Tina mobil” about a mother of three from Pankow, “who doesn’t want to give up at all “. In addition, the police call “Sabine” is honored, in which a single mother with money worries embarks on a revenge campaign.

In the competition information

Audience award for Nora Tschirner as Depression

The audience award of the Marler Group also goes to a series that deals with mental illnesses: In “The Mopes” Nora Tschirner (40) plays the embodiment of depression. Anke Engelke (56) also received a special honor from the German Adult Education Association for her “innovative creativity and ingenious adaptability” on television.

The Grimme Prize will be awarded on August 26th at the Marl Theater in North Rhine-Westphalia.