the Largest “daughter” of “Aeroflot” airline “Russia” stops servicing passengers in the business lounge of the international terminal “Pulkovo”. The restriction applies to all categories of passengers flying business class and flying in economy class for gold and platinum members of the loyalty program “Aeroflot-a bonus”, said the representative “Russia”. Aeroflot from Pulkovo flies only to Moscow. But “Russia” has 27 international destinations. 19 are performed on a code-share agreement with Aeroflot, according to the website of the company. For codeshare flights are subject to all the benefits of its own flights of “Aeroflot”, their passengers also have the right of free access to the Lounges when there is a gold or platinum card. At the end of 2019 with gold cards “Aeroflot-bonus” owned 86,000, platinum – 9000 people. All of the program “Aeroflot bonus” of 9.85 million participants.

the Closing access to business lounge caused by the decision of the airport to terminate the lease of the business hall with a group of “Aeroflot”, said the release of the airline “Russia”. As compensation for inability to use business lounge Pulkovo participants of the bonus program will be credited with 1500 miles.

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