Most people can hardly imagine everyday life without a smartphone. And yet we don’t even know many of the great functions of our devices. Apple wants to change that – and explains tricks for the iPhone that can help in everyday life.

Whether surfing, social media or the messenger app: a large part of our everyday life takes place on the smartphone. Because the manufacturers are constantly giving the devices new, practical functions, many of them are not so easy to discover. In a video, Apple shows what the iPhone can do. And reveals ten of the best functions that even frequent users do not necessarily know.

Stickers made by myself

If you tap and hold on a person or an animal in a photo, what is shown is removed from the picture – and can now be moved back and forth with your finger. If you tap on it again, you can also copy or forward the object, for example to the message app. Then friends, animals or, as in Apple’s example, a flower can simply be sent. The images can also be built into drawing apps in this way.

Customize lock screen styles

With iOS 16, the lock screen can be customized more extensively than ever before. You can even change the photo style of the selected image. To do this, press and hold your finger on the lock screen and select Customize. Now choose whether you want to change the lock screen or the home screen. Now all you have to do is swipe from right to left to change the picture style. You can choose between a black and white effect, coloring the entire image or the background.

Show wifi passwords

Everyone knows the question about the WLAN password. Now you can finally display it on the iPhone. All you have to do is select the desired network in the WLAN settings and tap on the password hidden with several dots. A FaceID or TouchID check later, it appears in plain text.

Less typing

If you keep typing the same long phrases, you can also add an abbreviation for them. To do this, select “General” in the settings, then “Keyboard” and “Text replacement”. Now you can enter any words or sentences. And give them a shortcut. If you type this in an app, the replacement text is automatically offered as an alternative. For example, a useful shortcut is to simply enter the long e-mail address by typing @@.

Energy saving mode directly in the control center

If the iPhone doesn’t have enough juice, it automatically switches to energy-saving mode. But it can also be activated manually. It’s even faster with a shortcut. To do this, select the “Control Center” item in the settings and look for the “Power saving mode” entry there. Now tap on the green plus. Now the button is easily accessible by swiping from the top right corner. You can also put many other useful functions there using the same method.

Select multiple photos at once

If you want to send several pictures, the selection is very simple. To do this, hold down one of the photos in the overview for a moment and then move it a little. While continuing to hold it, tap more images with another finger. These are then added to a batch. And can be dragged into any other apps. Good: This method also works on the home screen to move app icons.

Open the camera from the lock screen

If you want to be quick with the photos, you don’t even have to unlock the iPhone. Most users will of course be familiar with the camera button at the bottom right. But it’s actually even faster: if you swipe from right to left on the lock screen, you land directly in the camera app.

Translate by camera

What’s on the sign? The iPhone now answers this question live – in the camera app. Aim the snaps at the text you want, select the text recognition icon in the bottom left. The feature has made it possible to select and copy text in the image since iOS 15. Now it can be translated at the push of a button. Caution: If the writing is very small, the translation is also more difficult to decipher.

Scan a document

The camera app can be used specifically for scanning documents. To do this, open a new note in the “Notes” app. Then select the camera icon above the keyboard. There you will find the option to scan documents. Now all you have to do is mark and confirm the corners of the sheet using the dots. The iPhone then not only saves the text, the camera also automatically compensates for any distortions caused by the perspective.

Jump directly to the first photo

If you have taken a lot of photos, scrolling through the growing photo database can be tiring. If you want to look for an older picture, you can jump to the first picture in the database or to any folder. All you have to do is tap on a point just below the clock – and the iPhone will scroll there independently.

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