The US band Guns N’ Roses has canceled the concert in Glasgow due to illness. The Munich appearance on Friday is still on the schedule.

The US band Guns N’ Roses (since 1985) canceled the concert planned for Tuesday in Glasgow, Scotland. “Unfortunately, due to illness and medical advice, GN’R will be unable to perform in Glasgow tomorrow 5th July 2022. We are working on a new date for this show. Please hold onto your tickets and await further update . We thank you for your understanding and your patience”, it said on the Instagram channel of the musicians around singer Axl Rose (60) and lead guitarist Slash (56).

Fans are disappointed

Many fans have expressed their disappointment at the renewed postponement of Guns N’ Roses’ Glasgow gig. The Glasgow Times reports that they are “absolutely disappointed” that the gig will not go ahead after waiting two years to see the legendary rockers play in the city. The original date in 2020 had been postponed due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Many had already traveled to Glasgow to see the band or could not have their accommodation and travel expenses reimbursed. “This is the third postponement – and a third hotel paid for and wasted,” a fan is quoted as saying. And another: “I’ve been looking forward to this since I got tickets as a birthday present in 2019.” A third resigned: “I will never see them live.”

Although he wasn’t named, most seem to assume that singer Axl Rose is affected. The Instagram post read: “I hope Axl recovers soon, his health is the most important thing right now. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for him and the whole band from here in Brazil. Axl is very popular and can count on our support and affection counting.”

Another follower is more specific: “Axl should rest his voice and take care of his mental state! Cutting the setlist to two hours and playing the songs a little slower and in lower pitches will help Axl and the band! Take care , my idol!”

Munich concert is to take place

However, it is unclear what the postponement means for the next upcoming concert as part of their world tour. Because there is no further information yet. On the band’s homepage, the performance in Munich’s Olympic Stadium for Friday (July 8) is still announced as normal.

On Sunday (July 10th) the tour entourage would stop in Milan, Italy. Then Vienna and Hanover are on the agenda. In autumn we are going to South America, Mexico, Japan and Australia/New Zealand.