Stars like Kim Kardashian swear by the new TikTok trend. This is how the “Gym Lips” can be easily touched up at home.

A new beauty trend is currently going viral on TikTok: so-called “Gym Lips” are trending with around 6.4 million hits. But anyone who expects a strenuous workout for the lips or even a surgical procedure behind the new make-up trend is wrong. Rather, the look is deliberately kept natural – almost as if you had just come out of the gym.

Makeup trend emerged on TikTok

The new lip make-up, which looks as if you don’t have any make-up at all, was apparently shaped by the make-up artist Kelli Anne Sewell. On her TikTok account, the expert shows how to create the look.

According to the make-up artist, if you want to try the look, all you need is a lip liner and a care stick. The lip liner should match the natural color of the lips. This is then deliberately pulled a little beyond the contour of the lips. This makes the lips look fuller in a natural way. A colorless care stick or a subtle gloss is then applied over this and pulled up to the extended edge of the lips. The summer glow is ready like fresh from the gym!

The stars love the look

Reality star and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian (41) also seems to be convinced of the trend: During a kayak trip with her partner Pete Davidson (28), the 41-year-old showed her naturally made-up pout in Gym Lips style.

Model Hailey Bieber (25) even promotes her new skincare line on Instagram with a photo in which her lips are made up in Gym Lips Look.

Another benefit: the look withstands outdoor pool visits, heat and ice cream tasting and is guaranteed kiss-proof. The care stick does not smudge and does not stain. You can easily renew the lip liner in between. Since it matches the natural color of the lips, it can even be used on the subway or in a fast taxi ride on the way to the club.