Munich – Halloween is long gone only in the USA, a day in which everything is in a state of exception – in Germany, as of the day of the triffids is on December 31. October is becoming more popular. While the children in their witches or vampire costumes from front door-to-door for candy dusting, brushing the Stars out and make sure that you recognize you might be at first glance. Who needs inspiration for the scariest night in the year 2018, it is allowed to get here: We show you how Heidi Klum, Lena Meyer-Landrut & co. showed up to Halloween (Halloween 2018: spicy Video of Jamie Lee Curtis) dress up.

Halloween 2018: Lena Meyer-Landrut shocks Fans with a Bloody photo

Lena Meyer-Landrut (27) was a surprise to her 2.3 million Followers on Instagram only a few weeks ago with a completely new hair cut – now your Halloween Post provides a similar effect: The singer is shown with blond hair! But that alone is not, of course, for the true Horror-factor, for the Lena Meyer-Landrut (photo courses: Lena Meyer-Landrut in the narrow Body, but something flashes through) but obviously the right stuff. From their two different colored eyes the blood is flowing, your lips are pale, and the view is bleak. A darker eyeshadow on the eyes of the former ESC-winner really half-dead.

+ With this chilling Look Lena Meyer-Landrut their Fans.© Screenshot of the Instagram, Valentina Pahde on Halloween 2018: GZSZ-Star is Lady Gaga

The popular GZSZ actress Valentina Pahde (24) has brought the terrible-the most beautiful night of the year even professional support: The Makeup Artist Florian Ferino turned the pretty, Sunny-actress in the singer Lady Gaga (32). In a time-lapse Video on his Instagram profile, the stark transformation is clear – Valentina Pahde is after the Makeover. Really creepy, a native of Munich for the Halloween looks from the night – clad is all.

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by the Way: The Look comes from the Mega-Hit “Telephone” by Lady Gaga from the year 2009. Who wants to look at Halloween as Valentina Pahde can view on YouTube a Makeup Tutorial.

Giulia Siegel shows to Halloween 2018 your panels – a picture of surprised Fans

Giulia Siegel (41) shows, on Instagram, on what she has – and only their spectacular costumes of the last few years are not meant to be. On the first photo, the Fans, in spite of their shocking panel just on the Breasts of the 41-Year-old stare. Giulia Siegel is shown there with a huge open standing mouth, from the bloody teeth gape. Her one eye bloodshot, the other completely black. To the Horror of a Makeup, you a wide-cut out dress – the Fans, despite the blurred effect in-depth insights. Hardly surprising, then, that many like your Followers to the question: “Which of the last years you best?” for this Halloween costume to choose.

+ This costume delighted the Fans of Giulie seal – but not only because of the Horror effect.© Screenshot instagram Sophia Thomallas Halloween costume made in 2018 for excitement

Sophia Thomalla (29) is loved by her Fans for her sarcasm and her most provocative behavior. With your apparent Halloween costume that you presented your followers back in September, she went but even for the days of future past-trailer a step too far: “I’m pretty sure about my Halloween Outfit this year,” wrote the Model in a photo. To see a blonde wig, red lipstick and clothing that remind a lot of Gwen Stefani (49) – which, coincidentally, showed up the Ex of your current boyfriend Gavin Rossdale (image: Shows it to Sophia Thomalla and Gavin Rossdale during intercourse?) . Fans can find the action just tasteless. If Sophia Thomalla for the spooky Halloween evening is now considering a different costume, remains to be seen.

+ © Screenshot instagram Heidi Klum also makes it 2018 exciting: Everyone is waiting for your Halloween costume

she is the Queen of the 31. October: If Model Heidi Klum (45) to their legendary Halloween invites Party in the United States, remains barely a mouth closed – because the costumes of the own Boss, to delight each year. With your Halloween costumes where you need a lot of love to Detail and a huge effort, the Model-mummy, the rumor mill every year for the bubble – even in 2018 questions of all: What is wearing Heidi Klum?