In Hamburg, a toddler was seriously injured in a dog attack. The animal apparently belonged to your uncle and has now been put down.

A two-year-old girl was attacked by a dog in an apartment in Hamburg-Rahlstedt on Monday and suffered life-threatening injuries. Residents of an apartment building had heard screams for help from the apartment and informed the police, as the investigators announced on Tuesday. In the apartment, the officers found the girl’s mother and grandmother, who tried to stop the biting attack on the toddler. With the help of the police, the women managed to free the child from the aggressive animal.

The girl suffered life-threatening facial and head injuries from the bites. With an emergency operation, the condition of the child could be stabilized, it was said. Danger to life no longer existed on Tuesday. The grandmother was injured in the leg by the dog’s bites and also taken to a hospital.

The dog’s owner was apparently one of the girl’s uncles

According to the current state of investigation, the dog’s owner is an uncle of the girl, according to NDR. His relatives looked after the animal while the owner was on vacation. According to the information, the dog went to the girl independently in the afternoon and attacked her immediately for reasons that are still unclear.

As the NDR writes, the animal was a bulldog mix. According to the report, he was already known to the authorities because he bit a seven-year-old girl in Hamburg in 2019. Investigations came to nothing, however, since the holder apparently lives in Schleswig-Holstein. The dog was first taken to an animal shelter after the attack on Monday and later euthanized. Police investigations into negligent bodily harm are also directed against the mother and grandmother of the two-year-old.

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