Pulling a handcart, drinking beer and enjoying nature – for many this is the typical Father’s Day in Germany. But laws and regulations that you should be aware of also apply on this day.

Father’s Day 2024 falls on Thursday, May 9th. This day is known in Germany as Ascension Day and is always 39 days after Easter Sunday. Since the holiday is national, most employees in Germany enjoy this day off.

Father’s Day is also known regionally as Men’s Day or Men’s Day and is an opportunity for many people to stop work and take a break. With a bridge day, employees can even get a long weekend and celebrate Father’s Day extensively.

Father’s Day is known for its exuberant celebrations. But even on Men’s Day, certain rules must be observed. Anyone who drinks alcohol should definitely stay away from the driver’s seat.

The alcohol limit in road traffic is 0.5 – this also applies to e-scooters. For cyclists, a level of 0.3 per mille indicates that they are relatively unfit to drive, which can lead to legal consequences in the event of an accident. If you have a blood alcohol level of 1.6 or more, you can face serious penalties such as driving license revocation, points in Flensburg and fines.

A popular tradition on Father’s Day is the handcart tour. But how drunk can pedestrians actually be? Pedestrians do not have to adhere to alcohol limits, but heavy alcohol consumption can also lead to partial blame in accidents.

Public urination is not only forbidden on Father’s Day, but always. Wild peeing constitutes a public nuisance and can be punished with fines of up to 5,000 euros.

Many groups of friends and family head outside for a barbecue on Father’s Day. When grilling, you should also adhere to the regulations and only grill at explicitly designated barbecue areas or barbecue huts to avoid penalties.

Grilling game, for example in parks or in the forest, is prohibited and can result in fines of varying amounts depending on the federal state.

Also remember to take your rubbish with you after the barbecue: anyone who leaves it behind in the park will face a fine.

Father’s Day is a holiday and that means: turn off the music – or at least turn down the volume. On Sundays and public holidays in Germany there is quiet time all day long, so you should be careful not to disturb the neighbors when you listen to music in your own four walls, on the balcony or in the garden.

Even in public parks you should not exaggerate the volume and be considerate of other people.

Father’s Day has a religious origin, as believers originally went around on Ascension Day to pray for a good harvest. However, over time the focus has shifted and today the main focus is on social gatherings.

Father’s Day was established in the United States in 1910 to honor fathers and has been an official holiday there since 1972. In Germany, however, Father’s Day is often used as an occasion for family or folk festivals, which are often the destination of hikes.