“Hanni Hüsch stops,” says a Twitter post. The journalist and correspondent ended her career at ARD.

The ARD says goodbye to a long-time employee. Hanni Hüsch (born in 1957) “stops,” according to a post on the “Tagesthemen” Twitter account. It also shares an entertaining video showing various camera appearances by the journalist and her penchant for alliteration. At ARD, she will be remembered as a “wonderfully, highly humorous, good-hearted, outstanding” colleague: “We will miss you.”

Hamburg, London, Washington

Hüsch completed a traineeship at NDR in 1984 and thus got her television career rolling. She was later, among other things, head of the service of the television magazine “DAS!”. In 2005 she took over the editorial management for the areas of business and advice at NDR and from 2012 the foreign and current affairs department.

After moving to the ARD supplier editorial team in Hamburg in the 1980s, she was hired for various jobs at the broadcasting association over the years. Hüsch worked as a foreign correspondent and also ran the ARD studios in Washington and London, among other things.