When a girl bleeds for the first time, there are many questions. Can I get pregnant now? What do others think of me? am i normal Sex coach and massage therapist Antje Heymann has written a book that lovingly introduces girls to this new phase of life.

When Antje Heymann got her first period, her mother put a bandage in her hand and her father said that she was a woman now and had to be careful not to get pregnant. “There was immediate fear,” says Heymann today. She found being a woman a vice. Heymann summarizes what school taught her about female sexuality as follows: “The woman menstruates and becomes pregnant and has the child and that hurts a lot. The man ejaculates and has an orgasm.” The boys around her had more freedom, seemed stronger. “It felt like it was easier to be a man in this society,” says Heymann.