For Kiss it should be the “End Of The Road” tour, with three concerts in June in Germany. But even after that you will still hear a lot about the made-up rockers.

Rock musician Gene Simmons (72) does not believe that he will get bored after the end of his band Kiss (“I Was Made For Loving You”).

The masked rockers will be on their farewell tour at least until October, and the bassist already has extensive plans for the time after that. “There is so much stuff, there are other lines of business,” Simmons told the German Press Agency. “You don’t have enough time.”

The musician, whose nickname is “The Demon”, works with his Kiss colleague Paul Stanley at the restaurant chain “Rock

“Obviously, nothing gets quite like being a part of Kiss,” admitted Gene Simmons as the band drew to a close. “But you should know when to get up from the table when you’ve eaten a lot. How much can you eat in a lifetime? We got plenty.”

As part of their “End Of The Road” European tour, Kiss will be performing in Hamburg, Frankfurt and Stuttgart in June.