Belly fat is often particularly difficult to lose weight. Researchers at Harvard University in the US have discovered which workout will help you get rid of belly fat for good.

Important before we look at which workout really helps against belly fat: A few extra pounds on your hips isn’t a bad thing. However, where the fat is located is crucial for health.

Doctors especially warn against the so-called hip gold, i.e. the fatty tissue in the abdominal area.

In contrast to the harmless subcutaneous fatty tissue, the fatty tissue in the abdominal area produces disease-causing hormones. These messenger substances promote high blood pressure and underlying inflammation.

In addition, fatty acids are more easily released from abdominal fat and enter the bloodstream: This is bad for the heart.

For a long time it was assumed that sweating while exercising was the best way to lose weight. The most effective way to burn fat – especially belly fat – is strength training with weights.

The Harvard School of Public Health has confirmed this. In the study, the researchers found that 20 minutes of strength training a day was enough for the test subjects to gain less weight on their stomachs – compared to cardio routines.

In addition, women who consistently did strength training had less belly fat after menopause.

The experts also provided an explanation as to why strength training is good for belly fat: strength training helps to keep the basal metabolic rate of calories high, which in turn leads to fat being burned more efficiently.

This isn’t to say that you should completely eliminate cardio from your workout plan. Because it strengthens stamina, is healthy for the skin, helps with cardiovascular health and emotional well-being. It’s all in the mix – served with a healthy, balanced diet.

The original for this article “This is the most effective training against belly fat” comes from Schweizer Illustrierte.