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He ventures, finally, the visit to the dentist



Iris and Uwe Abel secured the first place in this year’s “summer home of the Stars”

©MG RTL D / Bernd-Michael Maurer

conclusion with the crooked teeth, Bauer Uwe Ernst. After his victory, together with his wife Iris Abel at the “summer home of the Stars” trust the pig farmer, is now finally in to the dentist to have the Teeth. In a Instagram Video of the Bauer report on the Operation in the case of his Fans and tells visibly nervous, that he can now directly twelve teeth pulled to start with a temporary prosthesis, the all-round renewal.

Who remembers: Bauer, Uwe has long had problems with his teeth, broke out in “the summer house of the Stars”, even in tears. Wife Iris had at the time, revealed: “Uwe has a morbid fear of the dentist. He has since had really traumatic experiences.” As a result, the former “farmer wants a wife”-the candidate lost the nerve and was hard to calm down. The more Iris is happy about the bold step her husband and commented on the Video with the words: “I am quite proud of my treasure. Today we’re going to the dining-room renovation.”