“Studies are missing”: Further training for homeopathy should no longer be offered by the medical associations in the future. Health Minister Lauterbach welcomes the decision.

The medical associations should no longer offer further training in homeopathy in the future. This was decided by the plenary session of the German Medical Association in Bremen.

“It’s not evidence-based medicine,” said the President of the Lower Saxony Medical Association, Martina Wenker, on Friday of the dpa. There is no scientific evidence to keep homeopathy in further education with a clear conscience. However, no doctor will be prevented from continuing to offer homeopathy.

Lauterbach praises the decision

Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach (SPD) expressly welcomed the decision of the Doctors’ Day. “Good medicine is based on science. There is no place for homeopathy there. In such a question you have to show your colors, »he wrote in the short message service Twitter.

Homeopathic medicines are designed to encourage the body to heal itself. It is based on plant, mineral and animal substances. The highly diluted active ingredients are usually administered as drops, tablets or globules.

The Lower Saxony Medical Association removed homeopathy from its further training regulations some time ago. According to the Bremen Chamber, 13 out of 17 state medical associations have already decided not to adopt the additional designation in the respective state law. The application of the Bremen Doctors’ Day delegates was already accepted on Thursday – it is a recommendation, the implementation is up to the state medical associations, said Johannes Grundmann, President of the Bremen Medical Association, the dpa.

The Bremen resolution points out that there are no scientific studies proving the evidence-based use of homeopathy. As a result, the principles according to which the acquisition of knowledge could be checked in further training were also missing.