Despite regular exercise sessions and a healthy diet, does the fat deposit on your stomach persist? A favorite fruit can help. Read here which fruits help you lose fat on your stomach.

Have you made any resolutions for this year? Have you tried to lose weight around your stomach but the fat just wouldn’t go away?

What helps is, contrary to all expectations, soft and delicious: the sweet magic fruit banana can melt belly fat.

Rolls of fat in the middle of the body can be dangerous. If fat accumulates here for years, it works like an independent organ and produces hormones that trigger inflammatory processes in the body.

Belly fat can also be responsible for high blood pressure and poor digestion. So you should exercise or eat one or two bananas a day to lose weight.

If you want to get rid of love handles, a healthy and balanced intestinal flora is essential. Bananas have the superpower to introduce good bacteria into the stomach and thus support the intestinal flora.

They boost your metabolism with vital substances such as potassium and magnesium and their fiber intake gives you enough energy to cope with everyday life.

Do you suffer from snack addiction? Bananas can help because they provide the body with high magnesium levels and at the same time leave a pleasant feeling of satiety in the stomach. This prevents you from consuming more calories unnecessarily.

Sure, nothing comes from nothing. In order to get a flat stomach without love handles, you need to exercise consciously in addition to a balanced diet.

To support your training effectively and see the first changes as quickly as possible, you should eat a banana before exercising. It is not too heavy in the stomach and is an optimal source of energy because of its sugar content.

The original for this article “You should eat a popular fruit to lose belly fat” comes from Schweizer Illustrierte.