In the Heidelberg University Hospital, an elderly patient was searched for hours without success and finally reported as missing. Then the 75-year-old suddenly reappeared – in a strange way.

In the Heidelberger Kopfklinik, the neurological clinic of the university hospital, an extremely strange missing person case has found a happy ending. A 75-year-old patient was searched for hours on the hospital grounds, who had left the neurosurgical ward on Tuesday evening. After the unsuccessful search, a missing persons report was finally submitted, but the police investigations were initially unsuccessful.

Then on Wednesday morning, finally, the breakthrough: the missing person suddenly crashed through a ceiling of the university clinic. The man had stayed there in a supply shaft above for more than twelve hours.

Patient climbed into the supply shafts of the hospital in Heidelberg

The 75-year-old had probably descended into the catacombs of the clinic on Tuesday evening, got lost in the wide corridors and finally climbed a ladder into the supply shafts. The police announced on Wednesday. The disoriented man stayed there on Wednesday night in the false ceilings above the operating rooms at a height of ten meters.

On Wednesday around 12 p.m., the senior finally broke through the ceiling paneling because of his weight. This is how the staff became aware of the man. The 75-year-old was able to hold on and prevent himself from falling. After the arrival of the height rescue service from the fire brigade, the man was rescued unharmed after a rescue operation of around one hour.

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