After a separation of several months, during which Nathalie Volk was engaged to another man, she and Frank Otto found each other again.

It’s a love with a few detours: Nathalie Volk, who calls herself Miranda DiGrande, and Frank Otto are a couple again. In the meantime, Volk had even emigrated to Turkey to live there with another man. In the fall of 2021 she even got engaged to her Hells Angels ex-boyfriend Timur A. A little later it was over.

Nathalie Volk: Frank Otto rescued her from Turkey

At the weekend, Volk and entrepreneur Frank Otto appeared together at an event in Hamburg for the first time in a while. In an interview with RTL, the two spoke about their relationship and their love comeback. Because the fact that Volk made it out of Turkey was also largely due to Frank Otto. At that time, Volk broke off contact with her mother for her relationship with Timur A. She was very worried, as she revealed to RTL.

“We talked a lot with Frank,” explained Viktoria Volk. “Well, Frank actually bought me out,” added her daughter. “So, what does bought out mean, but he helped me get out of there,” said Nathalie Volk. “I think if I wasn’t famous in Germany it would have been much more difficult to get out of there,” she said without giving any further details.

child planning

A problem in your relationship with the Hamburg media entrepreneur could be future planning. Because Nathalie Volk really wants to have children of her own, Frank Otto already has some. “I don’t necessarily think I have to be the man to make Nathalie happy forever. I want to make the time we spend together well spent. She has a longer lasting future than me anyway, so I’m putting myself there not under pressure,” explained Otto.

And the former “GNTM” model revealed that the 39-year-old entrepreneur was her first boyfriend ever. She’s known him since she was 18. “He’s my first boyfriend, he took me on my first date, gave me my first bouquet of flowers. He knows me best, knows everything about me. Maybe he’s also a bit of a surrogate father, like the father I never But Frank also has a young soul,” she said and then chatted out of the box: “I had the best sex in my life with Frank because I had a lot of fun with him too. And he’s an experienced man.”

Source: RTL

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