Today, it is common that existing customers will be provided in the Car insurance is much worse than new customers. For this paradoxical condition, there is only one answer. But soon, the exchange period ends. 0 display

because Of discount for good customers. Car insurance Loyalty does not pay. Only the one who announces and changes, has the greatest opportunity to reduce costs, says the consumer portal Aboalarm. Based on data from Verivox, it was calculated that consumers can save through a tariff comparison almost a third. This is the difference between the cheapest Offered, and the mid-price segment.

The experience of the last price reduction in round showed more Favourable offers in the new business does not mean that the premiums will not sink even in the case of the existing contracts. Existing customers do not benefit automatically from the better. You need to compare.

The difference between cheap and average Offered was of the CDW at 31.8 percent, in the case of fully comprehensive insurance with 32.7 percent. “Pure liability insurance policies offer somewhat less potential for savings: In November of 2017, there were 28.8 per cent,” says Bernd Storm van’s Gravesande, the founder and CEO of Aboalarm. “That saves so much, if you take out his insurance newly, know the least.”

From December the prices will rise again display

After all, provide consumer organisations regularly to ensure that Insured on the 30. November as the last exchange date, executed. “In the case of a change of a few Hundred Euro can be saved,” says Hermann-Josef Tenhagen, managing Director of the consumer portal Finanztip. In the case of customers who have so far never changed or rarely, the vendor is still more to it.

430 euros in the year-drivers of 2018 spent, on average, for their insurance; that is about ten euros more than the previous year. You could get away probably much cheaper.

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you Know exactly what services are covered in your Car insurance contract, which you need or not? A Review can be worthwhile and save a lot of money.

source: the WORLD/Jan-Friedrich radio

So had become at the Finanztip-evaluation of tenders on four different comparison portals with the insurance companies alone to 107 percent more expensive that the driver circuit had not been restricted. Who meet the insurance features of wrong decisions, pay in extreme cases more than ten-fold, warns Tenhagen.

in Order to win the potential customers, reduce insurer from August to October and in November the prices by about five percent. Now it is the best. In December, the prices increase according to experience.

protection from gross negligence on the part

“This is an annual Ritual, the insurer is important for all, allow a Auto: Set the year as the expiry of the insurance,” says Storm van’s sand Grave. “Then you can cancel until the end of November and benefit from the cheap prices to the change of season.”

The exchange is usually the best way to lower the premium. But the insurance provider for years been improving the collective performance of which the customer only at the time a new contract is concluded can benefit. Because it is only by Cancel and Switch insurance will be increased protection of important clauses.

you can also read insurance calls Himself the innocent driver. for the Autonomous car

An example: The protection from gross negligence Meanwhile, 88 percent of the tariffs contain Aboalarm an additional clause, gross negligence, covering – up to the full sum insured. About four percent of the tariffs to make restrictions. Eight percent of the rates of the insurer shall not pay for damages caused by gross negligence after all is complete.

Storm van’s Sands Grave: “The protection against gross negligence for the driver is important to insure your car with comprehensive protection – because then the insurance takes care of the entire damage, if the Insured person is driving, for example, a red traffic light.”