Herman shared the recipe for the invincibility of the Russian

Russia is invincible, when her Ukraine, is convinced ex-the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, a former member of “Party of regions” Anna Herman.

Answering the question, what was the main problem of this political force, Herman said that “the Party of the regions” advocated partnership with Russia and for the neutral status of Ukraine.

“By and large, “Party of regions” was close to the choice that Ukraine was a bridge between Russia and the West”, — quotes RIA Novosti policy.

Herman said that certain political forces in the world was hoping “twist” from Russia to make it more pliable, so they had to tear Ukraine away from Russia.

Ukraine, according to her, earlier it was the “trump card of the whole continent”, “island of stability” in Central and Eastern Europe, a kind of bridge by which it was safe to go to Russia and from Russia to the West.

the concept of “Party of regions” Herman said the right, since such a role of Ukraine in geopolitics is the most profitable. “However, this was not in the interests of those in power of this world,” — said the politician.

Earlier, Anna Herman stated that she had no confidence that Ukraine will survive the pandemic coronavirus in its current form. According to her, Kiev in the conditions of infection acting erratically, his actions are poorly planned and not designed for the future.