Since the oil crisis in the 1970s, there has been a law that allows driving bans or speed limits – for a limited time. SPD leader Esken can imagine that now.

SPD leader Saskia Esken does not rule out a temporary speed limit and temporary driving bans if petrol prices continue to be high. She referred to the Energy Security Act of 1975 in the Berlin “Tagesspiegel”.

It was decided at the time as a reaction to the oil crisis and recently amended. “It allows the government to order temporary measures such as Sunday driving bans – the elderly remember – or a temporary speed limit,” Esken told the newspaper. “But also price caps or – in the worst case – placing companies in critical energy supply infrastructure under trustee management for a limited period of time.”

The SPD chairwoman criticized the fact that the tax rebate for petrol and diesel implemented by the FDP costs taxpayers around three billion euros, but is obviously not being passed on in full to motorists. “The fact that the mineral oil companies are not now passing on this price reduction in full to the consumer stinks to high heaven.” The cartel office must intervene. The oil companies should not cash in at the taxpayer’s expense.