Fernanda Brandao wanted a family for a long time. But then she had to deal with pregnancy complications that made the birth of her daughter a nightmare experience. Brandao almost died.

Fernanda Brandao has been the mother of a little daughter named Aurora since April. Together with her partner Roman Weber she emigrated to Lapland and had her offspring there. However, complications arose in the ninth month of pregnancy. The former “Hot Banditoz” singer was hospitalized. “When I saw the doctors, I saw that it was serious,” Brandao shares her experience with the online magazine “VIP”.

The diagnosis was shocking because she had severe pre-eclampsia, also known as pregnancy poisoning. A disease that can have consequences up to and including death and is rated by experts as one of the most dangerous pregnancy complications. “Pre-eclampsia is one of the top three causes of death for mother and child, along with severe bleeding and infectious diseases. Nearly 70,000 mothers die from pre-eclampsia each year worldwide,” said Professor Karumanchi of Harvard Medical School, according to HCM Magazine. The disease can be recognized above all by high blood pressure and protein in the urine after the 20th week of pregnancy.

A world is collapsing for Fernanda Brandao

The doctors did not hesitate and initiated the caesarean section. But that’s not all, Brandao had to deal with this shock situation alone for the time being. Her friend was in bed with a fever of 40 degrees. But when he found out about the terrible situation, he was immediately taken to the hospital. Two days later, the child’s father’s feverish illness turned out to be corona. Fernanda Brandao and the baby were also infected. “When I saw how the little baby was being treated, I had her in my arms and I was worried about how she would survive, my world collapsed,” says Brandao, describing the difficult time after the birth of her daughter.

The 39-year-old speaks openly about the complicated birth and how lucky she was that mother and child survived everything safely. She wants to support women and help ensure that topics like these are no longer taboo in the future. That’s why she dared to go public with her traumatic story. Fortunately, everyone is now well again and on Instagram she regularly lets her followers share in her baby happiness.

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