The 46-year-old would like to record songs with rappers, including and especially with international ones. However, it is uncertain whether that will ever happen. It could be the money.

Jan Delay (46) has just released his fifth studio album “Earth, Wind

Above all, working with women would appeal to him at the moment, said the hip-hop veteran and founding member of the band Absolute Beginner in an interview with the German Press Agency: “There are currently a lot of new, talented rappers, both here in Germany and here in the United States. I’d be interested in recording new songs with some of them in the future.” Especially with a view to the USA, however, he has little hope that such a collaboration will ever come about.

“I’ve already tried that with the current record and I was put in my place. That’s because we play with smaller violins here and aren’t willing to pay larger sums,” says the singer. In addition, he has felt firsthand that international features do not necessarily lead to hit singles – even if world-famous artists are involved. At the time, he really wanted to work with Snoop Dogg for the “Bahnhof Soul” record, which was extremely expensive, he said. In the end, however, the song was so bad that it didn’t even make it onto the album. “It’s still on a USB stick in my desk drawer – and it’s staying there!”