Laura Wasser pushed through the divorces of the most famous celebrities. She talks about extreme maintenance claims, about the shock of women who suddenly have to pay maintenance and why she dresses so extravagantly.

Laura Wasser is one of the best-known divorce attorneys in the country. She has represented Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp and Kim Kardashian. The celebrity portal TMZ calls her the “Disso Queen” – with the “New Yorker” she spoke about her job and the change in society.

When marriages don’t last, you can’t rely on your partner alone. Water doesn’t believe in the supply marriage. “I’m not afraid of the question of money because I’m self-supporting, so I never had to worry about that either.” Her advice to young women: “Make your own money, girl.”

Drama before the eyes of the world

Wassern explains that prominent divorces are different because they become public immediately in California. Once filed in court, they take place under the eyes of the tabloids. The problem for the lawyer is that many famous and rich people are not used to hearing a no. “But I can’t say yes to you. I’m not going to blow sunshine up their ass.”

But the job doesn’t make friends, no matter how well you’ve represented a client. During the procedure, the celebrities want to talk about everything. “You get very close to these people and I really know everything. Sexual preferences, everything!” And if you meet again later, you’ll be waved at in a friendly way, but you won’t speak to her. “I’m probably reminding them all of the worst time of their lives.”

maintenance for the man

The law firm Wasser, which Laura took over from her father, usually represents the financiers, the breadwinners. It used to be men, but now the ratio is almost balanced. A consequence of emancipation – with which successful clients have problems when it comes to divorce. Wasser tells the magazine: “Wait a minute? I have to pay spousal support? This guy has been sitting on the couch for twenty years, never done anything, we were both stars in business school, then he decided to do screenplays write!” And she, the woman, now has to share everything she has earned, as well as the pension insurance, with this guy. “I’ll tell her, ‘Yes, of course. If the sexes were reversed, you wouldn’t find it funny at all.'”

Clients who are primarily out for revenge reject water. Years later she still remembers one case. A customer played her his ex’s voice message. “His ex was screaming, ‘You fucking piece of shit, everyone hates you, you have a small dick, you’re a loser’ — and so on and so forth. And she’s like, ‘I hope you die,’ and just before the When the recording is over, you hear, ‘I don’t hate you daddy.’ The kid was there the whole time!” Divorce is not easy. “But we have to make it better for the children so that they don’t grow up completely screwed up.”

Laura Wasser knows the concerns of the super rich

Some of her clients live in a different world to her. “There are a lot of women – men too, but more women – who say: I can’t possibly live on $250,000 a month. How am I supposed to do that?” Women whose life strategy is just to marry the “richest guy” have been following them since high school. Then Wasser sits there, rolls his eyes and thinks, “Bitch, I’ve been working, crouched.” But her job is to make sure that this woman never has to fly first class, but can always charter a private jet.

Despite her job, Wasser claims to believe in monogamy, but maybe not for life. “When you find someone who grows and develops with you, and you grow together and stay in love, then you are blessed of God!”

On her own flamboyant style, Wasser says: “I don’t go to court looking like shit, I just look my best. I don’t dress for people to take a picture of me. I do it because I hope I do I’ll have better sex that way.”

Source. “New Yorker”