The German bee population is growing, almost a million colonies live in the Federal Republic and ensure our honey supply.

It is estimated that around 982,000 bee colonies produced German honey in 2020. This is around 40,000 more bee populations than in the previous year, as the Statista graphic based on data from the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food shows. A bee, beekeepers’ language for the entirety of a bee colony, produces around 30 kilograms of honey per year. This means that the honey bees are also significantly more productive than in 2019 – at that time it was around 26 kilograms per hive.

A total of around 29,500 tons of honey were produced in Germany in 2020. However, consumption of the sweet jelly is much higher. In a global comparison, the production volume is rather low – the leading producing countries are China, Turkey and Argentina.

It is common knowledge that the busy insects are extremely important for the entire flora of the planet. The growth of bee colonies in Germany is all the more positive. Since 2014, the bee population has grown by almost 250,000 colonies.