So now it’s in full swing, the big party in honor of Queen Elizabeth II. For four days, the kingdom is celebrating its Queen and her seven decades on the throne, and of course itself to a certain extent – despite travel chaos at the airports, child poverty and government crisis. After the grand opening with bearskin hats, aerobatics and balcony scenes, the journey continues to Sandringham in Norfolk.

The sun is shining, the pubs stay open until one in the morning, the nation wears blue, white and red and has a collective flag. Even Harry and Meghan came and introduced their majesty to their youngest grandchild Lilibet Diana, it was about time. Perhaps the two prince brothers will end up burying the hatchet on this historic occasion. It doesn’t look good, but this weekend, in this frenzy under Union Jack pennants, pretty much anything seems possible.

The Queen’s Classics