The tears on the cheeks, the burning eyes, but someone’s gotta do the job: slice the onions do not really belong to the finest tasks with the cooking. But how else to bring the tuber in his food?

This is possible! Because with a few Tricks, you can prepare the sad onion cutting. We will tell you how to do this.

onion-cutting: Why the tears our eyes actually?

The protection mechanism of the onion is to blame, that we have to cry at the sight directly. In the wild, the Plant secretes two substances, the protect you against to be made by mice and other enemies eaten: odour-neutral, sulfur-containing amino acid Alliin and the enzyme Alliinase. When these two substances Meet each other, we have the salad: we whine like babies.

Use a sharp knife to chop the Onion

especially the substances are released when the cells of the onion are damaged or crushed. The first tip is to Use cut a very sharp knife to the Onion. So few cells are damaged and the protective mechanism of the onion does not immediately and completely, so that you can no longer see the tears in his eyes.

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onion underwater

The first Trick is not to peel off, to cry when cutting Onions the same as a lock dog, works like this: While you cut the onion, you should keep them under running water or filled peel in a bowl with water. To avoid that the substances are released in the air and your eyes take.

onion with goggles cut

Who doesn’t care how he or she cut the Onion looks like, engages easily to a goggle. So your eyes are in front of the acrid substances safely. For a pragmatist it does here is also a simple Diving mask.

onion cut with a SIP of water in the mouth

you Take a drink of water in the mouth while cutting the onions. Why? Because it helps. You will no longer have to cry. The exact reason for the Trick to work, however, is not clarified so far.

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whistling while the onion

It not only prevents tears, but distributes them the time during the cooking: whistle. Yes, that’s right: the way the whistle of the biting substances in the onion. The thus generated air stream blows away the Onion fumes of them, and you can undisturbed to pursue their task.

onion before Cutting it into the water

you can insert the onion before Cutting, about ten minutes in water. To avoid that develop the enzyme to the air. In this Trick you must expect, however, that the flavor of the onion can be mitigated.

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