Human Rights Watch – North Korean women’s reports of sexual violence by officials, high-ranking officials could rape women without fear of consequences. The reports, almost 60 people who escaped from North Koreans inside of the auxiliary organization. © Photo: Jason Lee/Reuters

women in North Korea sexual violence by state officials and party are at the mercy of a report by Human Rights Watch (HRW), according to officials unprotected. This is evident from Interviews with more than 50 women who have fled from the internationally-isolated country known as the people gave rights organization. In particular, incarcerated women are therefore Victims of rape. The organization accuses the leadership of leader Kim Jong-Un, to bring to nothing about it and the victims to Silence.

“Every night, some women were forced to go with a guard, and were raped” reported, according to HRW, a woman in a North Korean prison camp near the border and was imprisoned. “Every night, opened a prison guard to the cell door. I stayed quiet and acted as if I noticed nothing. I was hoping that it would not be me.”

women who smuggle goods for sale in North Korean markets on the Chinese border, will have to pay according to the report, “bribes” in the Form of Sex. Among the offenders are the guards, therefore, of the markets and the surrounding streets, as well as border officials. Also, police officers, prosecutors, soldiers, and railroad officials were among the perpetrators.


delivered reported A former textile trader, she had been at the mercy of men. “On the days where you felt then, I could ask the market Keeper or a policeman to follow you to an empty space outside of the market or to another place you picked,” said the woman. At the remote locations, the women who had been raped.

“It happens so often that no one thinks that it is a great thing. We don’t even notice it when we are shocked,” said the woman, according to the report. “But we are human, and we all feel it. So you cry sometimes at night, out of nowhere, and you don’t know why.”

According to Human Rights Watch, sexual violence in North Korea, with its strictly hierarchical and paternalistic society is a taboo subject. The organization called on the leadership in Pyongyang, the Problem of sexual violence, to recognize and ensure that this is dealt with by the authorities as a crime. According to information from the Organisation surveyed for the report, 54 women, and eight former officials who had left since the takeover of power by Kim Jong-Un in 2011, your country.

The government of leader Kim Jong-Un rejects such allegations to be decided, and stresses, to protect human rights.