The 80-year-old pensioner Regina Müller was reported to the traffic authorities by her own daughter. For security reasons, she should be forced to give up her driver’s license.

Regina Müller (80) is shocked when she receives a letter from the traffic authority. It says that she should be banned from driving due to brain damage. The process was initiated by Regina’s daughter.

The senior citizen emphasized to “ RTL ” that she depends on her car to stay mobile. After a stroke and cancer many years ago, she is dependent on a cane. “I would still like to be able to drive to Aldi and Lidl alone and, if necessary, to the hospital alone,” says the 80-year-old.

Regina’s daughter, who is a psychologist herself and works as an expert, reported her mother out of concern, she confirmed to “RTL”.

The family situation has been tense for some time. “They don’t call me, I don’t call them.” She explains that she’s afraid of saying the wrong thing.

The tense relationship was made even worse by a car accident that occurred last August. According to “RTL” she tried to avoid a cat. Regina Müller drove onto the curb and landed in a hedge. Although she makes serious accusations against herself, she still wants to keep her driver’s license.

The 80-year-old decides to see a driving instructor to check her cognitive skills. After the test, it turns out that she did not perform adequately in three out of four categories. During the subsequent practical test, it drives safely and error-free. Driving instructor Knoblauch certifies that she has sufficient driving skills.

With this finding, she now has a good chance of getting a medical report and being able to keep her driver’s license.

Many pensioners feel like Regina Müller. As you get older, your ability to react and concentrate decreases. That’s why the EU wants older people to take a mandatory medical test at regular intervals to check their fitness to drive. The TÜV sees this as a new business opportunity: through so-called “feedback” trips, older drivers are supposed to find out whether it is advisable to hand over their driving license.

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