New Backer Boost for IDP Education Amid Tough Times

Amidst the challenges faced by IDP Education due to restrictions on student numbers, a new investor has shown confidence in the company’s potential for a rebound. Chris Kourtis from Ellerston Capital, a boutique fund manager with $5 billion in assets, has expressed optimism in the longer-term prospects of the country’s leading provider of international education services.

Despite recent setbacks caused by proposed visa and immigration rule changes in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, which have impacted IDP Education’s customer base, Kourtis believes that the current situation presents a favorable opportunity for investors. With the company’s stock price at a low point, Kourtis sees this as an attractive entry point for those looking to capitalize on the potential growth of IDP Education in the future.

The endorsement from Ellerston Capital and other investors signals a vote of confidence in IDP Education’s resilience and potential to overcome the current challenges in the global education sector. As the company navigates through these turbulent times, the support from backers like Kourtis provides a much-needed boost for its recovery and growth prospects.