Three months ago Russia launched a “special operation” in Ukraine – to put it bluntly: a war. Military expert Prof. Carlo Masala spoke in detail in the podcast “important today” why it is rather unlikely that Vladimir Putin will use nuclear weapons and why secret services release a lot of information about the war.

Aside from all the harm that has already been done, the West’s greatest concern is that Russian President Vladimir Putin will carry out his threats and use nuclear weapons. The military expert Prof. Carlo Masala considers a nuclear strike, especially against NATO countries, to be rather absurd, as he says in the 281st episode of the podcast “important today”: “The nuclear war is characterized by the fact that neither side waging it , can survive. Therefore, the incentive to use nuclear weapons is extremely low, even for the Russian Federation.” And in an interview with Michel Abdollahi, Masala said of the Russian president: “I don’t think of Putin as a suicide bomber who doesn’t care what happens to him and his country.”

The war is also waged in the media

A lot is written about successes and losses, about tactics on both sides, especially in the media. And so a media war is waged. Professor Masala sees no problem in this, the US secret services in particular would have deliberately spread a relatively large amount of information even before the war in order to signal to the Russian side: we know what you are planning. But when assessing their strengths and weaknesses, one should not underestimate the Russian side too much: “They are fighting worse than most expected before February 24. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be taken seriously. They still hold twice as much territory in Donbass as they had before February 24,” Carlo Masala said in the podcast “important today”.

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