A human is frozen and after many years thawed and revived. What sounds like the plot of a science fiction novel is now not that far removed from reality.

A Berlin company wants to make it possible – eternal life. In the podcast “important today”, the founder of the start-up, Dr. Emil Kendziorra, on the thinking behind it: “It’s basically about the idea – what we can currently do medically will be much more advanced in the future. In 20, 30 or 100 years we will be able to cure diseases that today irrevocably lead to death.”

And so people should later come back to life, because deadly diseases can now be cured. But the technical means are not yet mature, says Dr. Kendziorra in an interview with host Michel Abdollahi: “Currently you can cryopreserve people, but you can’t revive them yet.” And fundamentally, it is still not at all clear how the whole process will work: “Certainly some things are unclear here, but if we only did things that are clear as a society, we would never have gotten a lot of technical progress,” says Kendziorra at “important today”.

Incidentally, conservation is currently very expensive, you have to reckon with up to 200,000 euros, but the money is not the fee. “A large part of these 100 to 200,000 euros are set aside with the foundations (…) and invested with about one to two percent inflation to pay for the maintenance of the annual costs from this return.”

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