The Bundestag is currently deliberating on three different concepts for the new regulation of euthanasia. All proposals have been criticized. But it’s not just politics that should deal with death, but all of us.

Everyone has the right to self-determined life – and also the right to take their own life and even to enlist the help of third parties. The Federal Constitutional Court had decided in February 2020 and thus overturned the “ban on commercial promotion of suicide”. How do we actually want to die? Lukas Sam Schreiber is also concerned with this question. In the 307th episode of the “Today Important” podcast, he explains why euthanasia is so taboo: “I think we’re all very attached to life and it’s a scary decision to then imagine that we give people the opportunity that support to do as they wish at any time.”

Lukas Sam Schreiber knows how he wants to die, and more importantly, he knows how he doesn’t want to die. Since his mother’s dementia, he has been dealing with death, now also in the podcast “The Search for the Good Death”.

The black market is dishonest

The new regulation of euthanasia is necessary because there are currently offers that are clearly dubious: “There is currently a black market where people, sometimes not even medical professionals, go through Germany and take people up to 9,000 euros to buy a poison cocktail to get, which people then quickly take. He is then quickly cleared away before the police and the doctors come and then they find a doctor’s letter that says he had umpteen illnesses and that’s why he died of natural causes. That’s extremely dangerous,” says Lukas Sam Schreiber on “Today’s Important”.

He tries to deal with this topic as normally, relaxed and sometimes humorously as possible, because: “We have experienced Corona, we are experiencing the Ukraine war – death plays a role in our lives.”

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