The AfD has always been a deeply divided party. But after the electoral failures in Schleswig-Holstein and North Rhine-Westphalia, the party rumbled even more violently. Party leader Tino Chrupalla is coming under a lot of pressure.

Only losses for ten elections, many say in the AfD, since Chrupalla. Is the party over now? Not at all, says journalist Ann-Katrin Müller. She observes very closely what is happening in the party, has spoken to many prominent AfD members and comes to the conclusion that the AfD is losing its protest voters, but: “You have to admit that unfortunately in German society up to 15 percent There are people who have racist attitudes and who like to vote for a party that is racist. It’s not about them either, does the AfD now have a solution to the pension problem, does the AfD really build more playgrounds on site, more daycare centers,” says Ann-Katrin Müller in the 284th episode of “today important”.

Is Björn Höcke coming back now?

In mid-June, the AfD has its federal party conference – and Björn Höcke, who may officially be called a fascist since the judgment of the Meiningen administrative court, may want to compete there. In the “Today Important” podcast, Ann-Katrin Müller says: “I have the feeling that this party is pretty disoriented right now, it always needs a mega-topic in order to work at all.” This topic is missing, also because the AfD disagrees on how to deal with Russia. Behind the scenes, says Müller, many just want to keep going and wait until the situation calms down. Officially, the AfD poses as a peace party and simply wants peace, which would mean that Ukraine would have to accept conditions from Russia and the land losses.

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