Shortly before the summer break, there is a first balance of traffic lights. How Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz communicates why Robert Habeck is the laughing winner and who belongs to the political traffic light quadrangle.

“In the beginning they thought they could get away with the economical Merkel communication, but the situation is different,” says the journalist Hajo Schumacher in the 311th episode of the podcast “important today” about the team around Olaf Scholz.

A lot has to be settled first, after all, after 16 years of Merkel’s government, many ministries first have to be committed to a new sound, said Schumacher in an interview with moderator Michel Abdollahi.

It’s too early for praise

Robert Habeck and Annalena Baerbock have received a lot of praise, but it’s actually still too early for an analysis. Another minister also gets advance praise, according to Hajo Schumacher: “Journalists love Cem Özdemir, he’s a bit like the Karl Lauterbach of the Greens. Is that a good agriculture minister? I have no idea. A government sometimes needs a year to change Playing in is like a national team.”

So it’s still too early for a game analysis, but you can evaluate the line-up of players: “I find it very interesting when you look at this square: Scholz, Habeck, Lindner and Baerbock, Foreign Minister is always important too. If you see them as a team, then it’s not so bad, because Habeck is of course an incredible communication genius, he’s everything that Olaf Scholz doesn’t have. Annalena Baerbock made such an incredible comeback story that she was stone dead a year ago,” says Hajo Schumacher on “today important”.

The shy Chancellor

At the G-7 summit, Chancellor Olaf Scholz tended to let others take precedence and took a back seat. Hajo Schumacher says: the Chancellor is simply shy.

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