In a preferential mortgage at 6.5 percent may include low-rises

the Russian Government will explore the possibility of expanding the program of preferential mortgage at 6.5%, said first Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov during the meeting with representatives “Business Russia”.

first, this program may enter low-rise buildings. Secondly, it is proposed to extend until January 1, 2022, and to increase the maximum loan size from 8 to 12 million rubles for Moscow and St. Petersburg, and from 3 to 6 million for other regions of Russia.

to Expand the program proposed by the President of the “National Agency of low-rise and cottage construction” Elena Nikolaeva.

Now, according to the terms of the mortgage at 6.5% APR to get a loan at a reduced rate is possible until 1 November 2020. Rate is valid for the entire term of the loan, the maximum loan term is 30 years. The maximum mortgage amount is for Moscow and St Petersburg 8 million rubles, for other regions — 3 million roubles with an initial payment of 20%.

under the program, which was created by order of Russian President Vladimir Putin, it is possible to buy an apartment in an apartment building, if it’s a shared construction. But this does not apply to low-rise construction, which is conducted by the investor. “If the house is created, for example, at the initiative of the investor, and accordingly investors are the mutual Fund or, for example, private individuals, as it happens in low-rise construction, in this case, the rule does not apply to such primary housing”, — said Nikolaev (quoted by “Interfax”). This issue has been worked out, said Deputy economic development Minister Polina Kryuchkova.