From our special envoy in Zhouning (Fujian)

thirty years ago, millions of baby girls have been abandoned because of the larger experimental population of the history. While the Party turns the page of this policy, these women now wish to return to their roots.

Such an animal beaten, Lin is curled up at the bottom of the bus queue at dawn along the coast of Fujian, towards his destiny. As thin as a twig, she is wearing a red dress is so vibrant, the color of the feast, and weddings in China, displaying his crazy dream: to find his biological parents, in the multitude of the most populous country in the world. Three decades ago, it was one of the millions of orphaned, abandoned under the stress of the larger experimental population of the history, the one-child policy, imposed with an iron hand by the communist Party.

But for Lin, this trauma original was followed up by a second with the taste still bitter. “At 21 years old, my parents …

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