In DND thought about serious post-war projects

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister, the first Deputy head of the delegation of Kiev in the Contact group Alexey Reznikov said that the Minsk agreements on settling the situation in Donbass “worthless” from a legal point of view. This is not the first time this year, when the Ukrainian politicians are trying to hint or directly say that he would like to abandon signed agreements. It is absolutely clear that the Minsk process is the only real chance for peace, recognized by the international community. All the other proposals of Ukraine — a dead end.

In the Donbass are preparing to parade dedicated to the Victory in the great Patriotic war. Rehearsals are held twice a day — early morning and evening when it is not hot. Despite the increased combat readiness on the front lines, to practice a solemn March collected one hundred and ten pieces of equipment and two thousand one hundred troops.

Another important topic of the republics of Donbass is food security. To the usual Ukrainian economic blockade has increased the theme of closure due to the coronavirus. Government and business have implemented the General plan.

“We asked the entrepreneurs to network organizations. Had to provide in their warehouses two-month supply for the whole group of necessary items that will be required in any case. And these entrepreneurs have done it,” — said the head of DNR Denis Pushilin.

the Grain is the basis of food security. In the Donbass it is his own. The grain selection is on the basis of the Russian Stavropol and Kuban varieties. In the Donetsk Republic is the massive expansion of the cultivated land.

“We are working closely with the MOE DND, hold mine, actually for us just behind the engineers in the field consists of a tractor,” said Artem Kramarenko, Minister of agricultural policy and food DND. This year the sappers EMERCOM 953 times visited the mine, demolishing more than nine thousand explosive objects.

Flour produwill svodyat also to the DNI. Milk production in two years, grew by 17%, including at the expense of farmers.

But the technique in DND is worn out, half of veterinarians, nutritionists, agronomists — retirement age.

the difficult situation in the coal industry. It is difficult to sell the produced coal. And this was a blow to the mines.

But the scientists of Donetsk announced the possible plan of salvation is the reconstruction of the industry for the production of coal fuel and in demand chemical products.

“the Donetsk Republic gradually, step by step moving forward, that’s why we start to think about serious post-war projects,” said Alexander Anoprienko, rector of Donetsk national technical University, candidate of technical Sciences.

Scientists say: the first plant for processing of coal, you can build your own, cost about hundreds of millions of rubles. Now pondering how to make it so far to carry the raw materials.

open the DNR stopped by the blockade of the plants. This Donetsk company produces cables and ropes that are in demand abroad.

“We pay attention to every enterprise that is started in these conditions. Coronavirus, blockade, sanctions, when each contracted for export is a feat,” — said Denis Pushilin.

And in the Donetsk people’s Republic Russia Day was first celebrated as a national holiday. Festivities planned before the end of the week, however, cancelling some of the constraints associated with a coronavirus, and a curfew associated with the war.

Barely stops to shoot Ukrainian artillery — Donbass becoming a territory, it is customary for Russia, Belarus, Ukraine. People live, rejoice, celebrate, work, discuss some research ideas, build grandiose plans — with one caveat: if not for the war.

Text: “News of the week”