In Georgia, want to promote anti-Russian provocation, like the Czech

In Tbilisi detained some agent who allegedly planned the murder of Georgy Gabunia — the same one that a year ago, swore the choicest obscenities to the Russian authorities. Then he lay down on the floor, and now again surfaced out. The plot of the detective genre and proven saying, here it is — a sinister arm of the Kremlin. Here only there is no evidence.

Not a detective, but a real Thriller that tries to push Nika Gvaramia. Even the briefing was given to a piece of paper to read, saying that arrested the killer from Moscow who wanted to kill the journalist Gabunia.

“What the authorities say: Yes, there is someone arrested, forged documents…. Perhaps it was planned liquidation, and who, not said… — said the head of Georgian Institute of strategy and management, Peter Mamradze. Then there is the insanity of smell.”

Georgian security forces put in the car, according to Gvaramia, some of Mosambica Bokova. And then, they say, international intrigue.

“as far As I know, the information constituting the basis for arrest was received by the Georgian authorities from the Ukrainian police. The result, as I know, was started on the territory of Ukraine”, — said General Director of TV channel “Mtavari arch” Nika Gvaramia.

“Gvaramia said that the Ukrainian side is not specifically passed on the information to the Georgian side, because Georgia in the case of citizens of Russia is on the side of Russia”, — said political analyst Archil Sikharulidze. Is the classic format of Mr. Gvaramia; we must remember that he is a former senior official Mikhail Saakashvili… of Course, all this formula can not be trusted”.

Georgian formula is reminiscent of Czech, when the mayor of Prague has asked himself the protection of the mythical agent of Moscow “with a suitcase full of ricin”, which allegedly wanted to poison him in revenge for the demolition of the monument to Marshal Konev.

“This really is a common training manual developed for one thing — to show that Russia is scaryI’m that close to Russia, — says Oleg noginskiy, expert of the scientific center of Eurasian integration. — I have the feeling that a specific task: you need to find a Russian assassin, which is why something on your site. Do, please, invent!”

That’s coming up. The intended target of the alleged assassination of Giorgi Gabunia, is now clearly playing to the audience.

“the Danger was real, — said the journalist. — It still remains real. I wonder what the real actions of the authorities, to avoid that happening in Georgia, when someone did not like my words and sent the killer. Although I doubt that the authorities did something”.

When Gabunia year ago swearing on the air “Rustavi two” to the Russian authorities, Moscow even sanctions are not imposed. Official Tbilisi breathed a sigh of relief.

Gabunia and Gvaramia was dismissed, but surfaced on “Mtavari arch”.

“That odious channel, known for its provocative activity, channel, who is trying all sorts of fakes to draw attention to himself, — says Alexander cachia, head of the Center for globalization problems. — Because there is no evidence that the guy there caught — even wanted to kill that journalist.”

After Gabunia was deprived of air, Gvaramia screaming that would urinate in Borjomi and wine, who go from Georgia to Russia. Very silly it sounded. But the current fears of these characters look perhaps even more ridiculous than last year’s anger.