“No historical reflection can calm and pacify our heart.” Last Friday, in front of the Bundestag, the German federal president, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, speaks of the painful past, and ambiguity of his country: that of the Weimar Republic, born, full of promises, from the rubble of the First world War, and the nazi dictatorship, which has conquered the power fifteen years later with all its cruelty. “How is it that this is the same people?”, is he asks seriously. “The answer can’t be given just with words. We can only give that by our acts!”, landed there by urging the Germans to learn the lessons of the past: “The memory can sharpen the eye in the face of new risks,” he warns. In Germany, the weight of history makes it demanding with the present.

The fall of the Berlin wall

In France, the major commemorations of 11 November or the 8th of May, are so many moments of national unity. In Germany, the equivalent to almost nonexistent. On 9 November, date …

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