“And if a deranged man had loaded his weapon and drove up to Washington? And if this person had taken our girls? Donald Trump, with its innuendo, reckless and heavy, has put the safety of my family in danger. And for that I will forgive him ever.” In his Memoirs, to be published Tuesday, that the Washington Post has obtained a copy, Michelle Obama does not hide his bitterness towards the current president. She comes back on a conspiracy theory that had particularly stirred the real estate mogul when her husband was still in the White House. “The whole thing was crazy and mean-spirited, and the xenophobia that it had was barely concealed. But it was also dangerous, deliberately intended to excite the “wingnuts” (obsessed by the Obama presidency, ED) and other weirdos.”

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Already enamored of the “facts alternative”, Donald Trump had long questioned the citizenship of Barack Obama. In an interview or on Twitter, it was actually the relay of a theory driven by the “birthers”. According to them, Barack Obama, born in Kenya, has been naturalized. Gold, the Constitution is precisely as a condition of eligibility for the presidency to be “born American”. The production of the birth certificate of the president by the State of Hawaii just as the denials from all sides that accompanied it, there will be nothing. This story ressurgissait again last year through Malik Obama, half-brother of the person concerned. Beginning 2017, the one who had supported Donald Trump for the presidential exhumait on Twitter a birth certificate from, according to him, the kenyan authorities. This rude fake circulating in fact for many years.

“no one is more happy, more proud of to leave alone the history of the birth certificate that Donald”

Barack Obama, in 2011, during the traditional dinner of correspondents of the White House

Sure of his fact, Barack Obama had preferred to deal with the thing with humor. In 2011, shortly after the publication of his birth certificate, he had ironisé during the traditional dinner of correspondents of the White House where the second degree is de rigueur: “no one is more happy, more proud of to leave alone the history of the birth certificate that Donald, because he can finally focus on the topics that matter: we have simulated the first steps on the Moon? that has happened to Roswell? and where are Biggie (rapper Notorious BIG, editor’s NOTE) and Tupac?”. The businessman, who was in the audience that day, will recognize that five years later, the authenticity of the document. “President Obama was born in the United States, final point”, was cut short in September 2016 the republican presidential candidate.

The ex-first lady, she, therefore, has not forgotten. “These are the words the most direct and most personal uses about Trump,” says the Washington Post . And he added: “Inevitably, his memories will be compared to those of other first ladies. His willingness to tell his or her unique itinerary distinguishes the book, but it looks like Laura Bush in one respect. The two women, deeply excavated their life before the White House.”

The highly anticipated Become , 426 pages, will be released this Tuesday in France*. The release will be accompanied by a promotional tour international of its author, until the release of the Memoirs of the former president Barack Obama.

* Editions Fayard.