In Japan, demand from Tokyo to take the Kuril Islands from Russia

“Harmful and futile” the idea of “returning” two of the Kuril Islands believes Japanese journalist and political analyst Yukio Kashiyama. “Our goal is only the four Islands of the South Kuril Islands” — called Tokyo Japanese journalist and political analyst Yukio Kashima.

According to him, the issue of the Kuril Islands unacceptable methods of conventional diplomacy – negotiations and mutual concessions to reach a compromise. Yukio Kashiyama in his article on the Internet portal Wedge Infinity calls on Tokyo to return to the fundamental approaches and abandon brought a disappointment to the idea of the return of the two Islands, according to RIA Novosti.

In the “Blue book on foreign policy,” Japan has already declared its sovereignty over the Islands, but made no reservation, specifically at the same time. This provoked a strong reaction from Russia, which is not like Yukio Kashima. It’s about the hard statements of the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov, who said on may 21 that the actions of Tokyo contrary to the achieved at the highest level of agreement on which both countries should make efforts to create a favorable atmosphere in relations with each other, as well as to revise the outcome of world war II.

the article Japanese journalist criticized the position of Shinzo Abe, who is obsessed with the 1956 Declaration , which refers to the two Islands of Habomai and Shikotan, while in the Tokyo Declaration of 1993, which was signed by the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin, we are talking about four Islands — Kunashir, Iturup, Habomai and Shikotan. But with the beginning of 2019, the atmosphere in bilateral relations has changed dramatically.

So in Tokyo with the insult took the opening on Shikotan fish processing plant.

Yukio Kashima recalled that in 2024, the deadline of the current presidential term of Vladimir Putin. And the Duma has already approved amendments to the Russian Constitution, prohibiting the “alienation of Russian territory” and negotiate such the foreclosures. Although, said the Japanese, in the constitutional amendment is the proviso that this prohibition does not apply to cases “doing work on the demarcation of borders” between States, not necessarily that it will spread to the “Northern territories”.

Therefore, according to Kashima, Japan time to return to its original position on the “Northern territories”, referring to all the Simodsky Treaty between Russia and Japan in 1855, and Saint-Petersburg the agreement on the border demarcation line between the Kuril Islands and Sakhalin from 1875.

Yukio Kashima accuses Russia of aggression. “A well-known fact that at the end of the Second world war Russia violated the Soviet-japonski neutrality Pact, invaded former Manchuria. he writes. After the surrender of Japan, from 26 August to 5 September, the Soviet troops “under the guise of” occupied all four Islands the southern Kurils. And this illegal occupation is still”.

the Opinion of the readers of this article in the comments to her were divided.

“Japan, Wake up! Never Russia you Islands will not give up!” — wrote hc850able.

“Russia is of the island will not return. Japan only knows how to wail inside the country and abroad that the “Northern territories” belong to her. That’s all,” — said Geraosan Haruko.

” Diplomacy will achieve nothing here. The Chinese-Russian border was also installed just after the conflict. The problem could be solved only with the collapse of Russia”, — adds a comment On3TE.

“Policy Abe no Islands will not refund or friendship with Russia will not succeed. Yes, it’s been 70 years. On the Islands the Russians also suffered a lot of casualties. And no matter how much we whine that, historically, the “North island” was Japanese, but because there was a war…,” added Terutomato.

“What is the return of territories? Seriouslythis can say except that the allied States. Not us with our relationship with Russia!” — notice mact.

” it is Clear that the stolen items must be returned to the owner. Just how to achieve this in practice?” – asks kensatoken.

” Enough of this whining: “Two Islands, two Islands!” Russia has always just taking everything in their hands! A waste of time and money! Hokkaido to place the missile divisions of the defense forces and American military bases!” – radically calls nori_fzr.

At the same time, the Russian state Duma approved a new date for the end of the Second world war. On 3 September 1945.