For a lot of people born in the early 1990s, the first version of the Lion King , released in 1994, was the first film seen at the cinema. Is this due to a surge of nostalgia for those now young adults that the remake will be released in July 2019 also seems to be expected?

In any case, the first trailer of this animation film, revealed last week, has broken a record in just 24 hours. She has accumulated 224,6 million views around the world during this period of time, becoming the trailer the most watched in the history of Disney, ” says the american magazine Variety .

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Another performance to put to the credit of this trailer: all studios confused, this is the second teaser the most seen since the beginning of cinema. Only Avengers: Infinity War did better, with 238 million views in a day.

“The Lion King” : check out the first trailer for the movie event of Disney – Watching on Figaro Live

A success is a harbinger of a crowd in theaters?

such A success that bode well for a high turnout in theaters for the release of this movie, so much so that the production has not chosen anyone to “embody” the characters: in the English version, it is the superstar Beyoncé, who is in charge of the voice of Nala, the girlfriend and then in love with the hero, Simba, and sings a title unheard during the end credits.

Simba speaks with the voice of Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, rapper and actor and activist, while James Earl Jones (voice of Darth Vader in Solo , a film derived from the saga Star Wars ) lends her voice to Mufasa, father of Simba, and king of the savannah…

Notice the sensitive souls on the other hand: it is quite possible that the death of Mufasa, murdered by the terrifying Scar, is even more heartbreaking in this film in computer-generated images look very realistic as in the cartoon of 1994… As requested by his hyenas the brother cursed the good king of the savannah in 1994, let’s be ready(s)to this event!

Be prepared , the song of Scar