In Kiev came up with a way to

the head of the space Agency of Ukraine Vladimir Usov said that the country can produce their own cosmic engines. Thus Russia will be “eliminated” from space projects of the United States.

He said that from 10 or 12 countries capable of producing launch vehicles and spacecraft, and established a production cycle of only five. Mustache called them an “elite club”, noting that Ukraine saved in “my subjectivity”.

Neither Ukraine nor the United States produce engines for the first rocket stages and therefore is dependent on Russia in the missile area, reports RIA Novosti. Usov said that Ukraine may start producing their own engines and supply them to States. For that Kiev requires about 30-40 million dollars.

the Russian RD-180 engines used in the U.S. for rockets family Atlas. Launches of these missiles is carried out in the interests of national security of the United States and have the status “critical”. In the U.S. Congress noted that in the next ten years, alternatives to the Russian engines will not appear.