Accidents caused by a massive insect infestation are devastating roads and threatening drivers on Nevada’s streets. The Mormon crickets are causing traffic chaos.

In Nevada, USA, so-called Mormon crickets are once again causing significant problems. As CBS reports, several traffic accidents were recorded last weekend as a result of swarms of these insects.

Mormon crickets, which look like large grasshoppers, are known for their occasional massive swarms. According to CBS, these can occur in such dense numbers that they cover entire buildings or streets. The population of these insects has been steadily increasing in recent years, particularly in Eureka and Elko counties.

The high number of crickets on the highways led to several accidents a few days ago. According to the Eureka County Sheriff’s Office, local emergency services were heavily involved in responding to the situation. Several photos were shared on Facebook.

When crushed, Mormon crickets create a foul-smelling “sludge” that makes roads extremely slippery and braking distances unpredictable. An additional factor, according to NBC, is rainy weather, which makes the situation even more dangerous.

Cricket swarms usually appear in spring, when the eggs laid the previous year begin to hatch. Swarm size depends on various environmental factors and is therefore difficult to predict. In addition to traffic problems, larger populations of these insects also pose a threat to agriculture.

As early as 2023, the insects caused considerable disruption and problems in the affected sections, as reported by the “Merkur” newspaper, among others.

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