In Russia has risen in price housing and communal services

From 1 July 2020 increased housing prices. The national average growth was 4 percent. For each region of the Russian Federation decree of the Russian government established its indexes, limiting the maximum growth of aggregate payment of citizens for the “communal”.

the Minimum housing and communal services will rise in the Nenets Autonomous district — 2.4%. The maximum in the Chechen Republic (6.5 percent).

For Muscovites payments the rent will increase by 5 percent. In Saint-Petersburg is 3.8 percent.

Previously, a number of deputies, senators and members of the chamber of Commerce proposed to freeze the growth of tariffs for the year due to difficulties in the Russian economy caused by the impact of the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19. The Cabinet agreed with the proposal as it would result in underfunding of the construction industry and difficulties with the preparation for the heating season, writes RIA Novosti.