In Russia in the beginning of the year, rising prices for gasoline and diesel

From 1st to 9th of January, gasoline prices in Russia rose 0.1%, while gasoline AI-92 and diesel rose by 0.2%, AI-95 and AI-98 – by 0.1%, according to Rosstat. The average for Russia on 9 January, a liter of gasoline AI-92 cost 42,34 rubles, AI-95 – of 45.79 RUB, AI-98 – 51,86 RUB, diesel – 48,01 RUB.

In 2019, the government regulated the price of gasoline in the country through agreements with oil companies. These documents did not include the rising cost of fuel in excess of the limits. Although of July 1, their action was over for the year, gasoline prices grew by only 2%, not exceeding the rate of inflation. Thus, the January increase does not violate the General dynamics of prices over the past year, according to the consultant Vygon Consulting Eugene Tyrtov. On average, in 2019, prices were rising less than 0.1% for the week, he says: “during the year, gasoline prices had mixed trends. The accelerated growth rate above the inflation rate in some periods was offset by decrease in quotations in other periods”.

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