In Russia there will be the airline for flights to the far East

the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has urged to make proposals for the establishment of airlines specializing in passenger and freight traffic to the far East and in remote areas, according to the Kremlin website. Transportation will implement the Russian-made aircraft.

the President also instructed to prepare a package of measures to reduce the final cost of aviation fuel on the territory of the far Eastern Federal district and in remote areas. Assignments must be done before January 31, 2020 Responsible appointed Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

the proposal for the creation of the airline came after Medvedev orders to resolve the issue of subsidizing of flights to the far East. In December 2019 “Izvestia” wrote that the establishment of the air carrier in the far East discuss the government, “rostec”, the Federal air transport Agency, VTB and Sberbank. Before that a member of the Federation Council Committee on economic policy Ivan Abramov were asked to pay attention to the problem of transport accessibility of the far East. According to him, after the bankruptcy of airlines “Transaero” and “VIM-Avia” the cost of tickets has increased tremendously.

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According to the program of subsidized transport to the far East to purchase discount ticket in economy class can Russian citizens under 23 years, men over 60 and women over 55 years, persons with disabilities and members of large families. Aeroflot sells tickets through its own program of “flat” tariffs. They operate on routes from Moscow to cities in the Far East, Kaliningrad and Simferopol and in the opposite direction.