In Russia want to impose a priority for citizens when applying for work

the Russian Government is discussing the possibility of introducing a priority for citizens when applying for skilled work. Such a rule would increase the social protection of the Russians.

the Issue is discussed within the concept of state migration policy of the presidential administration, told “Izvestia”.

the Priority of employment for national staff for skilled jobs can be provided in the framework of the General agreement between trade unions, employers and the government.

Now labor legislation in Russia does not contain measures obliging employers to give preference to Russians when applying for a job. There are quotas on attraction of workers from other countries for a number of industries.

for Example, in construction companies up to 80 percent of the workers may be migrants, agricultural enterprises for growing vegetables, up to half.

But there is no priority for the Russians when applying for skilled work. In this case, you only need to obtain permission from the interior Ministry to pay a state fee in the amount of 10 thousand rubles per person, to issue visa documents.

the trade Unions for many years advocated the tightening of the provision of jobs for foreign citizens.

“In Western countries this idea is implemented in the following way. The entrepreneur goes to the state structure that he needs to hire a highly qualified employee, a foreigner. Officials evaluate whether to close this position national frame if not allowed to hire a foreigner, usually for several months. This time try to use to train their employees”, — said the rector of the Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation Alexander Safonov.

Earlier at the time of quarantine, not yet worked construction companies, the Russian government proposed to equate migrant workers to the Russian citizens to receive unemployment benefits. According to the decree of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin was increased unemployment benefits to the subsistence minimum in the amount of 12,130 thousand RUB, the Company can get the money from the budget on employee benefits while maintaining employment.

the Russian Government approves annual quotas on attraction of labour migrants. The need to attract in 2020 foreign workers, arriving in Russia on visa basis, were approved in December, 2019 in the amount of 104,993 thousand people.