What process has to go through Antonia here and how your apprenticeship has landed, in the following Interview. In addition, she shares valuable tips & Tricks that are on the search for the individual training, professional helpful and to take into account.

Hello Antonia, you are currently in the training of your Dream job event at the chamber of Commerce for Munich and upper Bavaria. Like many other school leavers, also, did you search for an activity that reflects their own talents and inclinations. What tips can you give to the seekers here? How did you come across your dream job?

Actually, quite classic about a job and training fair, the IHKjobfit! I was on the brink of the best and I was still not really sure what I wanted to do after that, exactly: absolutely, it was clear to me that I wanted to work in my later career a lot with people and, above all, be creative. On the IHKjobfit! I found a Stand on the topic of event management and knew: this is exactly the Job that suits me. Funnily enough, this exhibition is organized by the chamber of Commerce and industry, which is operating today, my training. The visit was so worth it really!

there Are certain prerequisites, which you must bring to the training professional event Manager? And can you tell us why you are exactly for this type of career chosen?

I used to always organised like birthdays, or me gifts and Surprises for friends taken care of – only I was never really clear that I have fulfilled already all the requirements for the profession of event Manager. I can contribute in this profession and my personal interests and Strengths perfectly. For me, this is a training that I can really identify with. Something Better can happen in my opinion.

What makes you in training the most fun? What projects are you on as an apprentice is already master? And there are other Highlights in your training, that you mention here?

clearly, the best part of my job is to see at the end of a project, a real result in front of me. I am particularly proud of, for example, on our internal chamber of Commerce Christmas party, which I organised together with other interns and completely independently. To see how at the end everyone is happy and the event is a success, is something very Special. A Highlight for me also, that I this year, the level of training scouts, the chamber of Commerce and industry on the IHKjobfit! help organise was allowed. So at the fair, I myself have found my dream job.