special Envoy to Tainan

“No gifts”, is posted in large print at the entrance to the building. Installed in a metal hangar, the HQ of campaign of Mark Lin does not pay, however, not mine. Behind, a hundred meters away, stands an imposing statue of the goddess of the taoist and Matsu, venerated by the fishermen. The quiet of the neighborhood of Anping contrast with the rest of the city. In the centre tub of Tainan, the ancient capital of taiwan in the Qing dynasty, vans topped with loudspeakers criss-cross constantly congested streets of scooters. Difficult to escape the fervor of election, two days before municipal elections test for the executive to Taiwan.

“I want young people to stay in Taiwan, it is the future of the island.”

Mark Lin, a non-aligned candidate for mayor of Tainan

on Saturday 24 November, some 19 million of Taiwanese, or 83% of the population, are called to the polls to elect more than 11,000 officials, ranging from heads of districts to the mayor of the capital, Taipei. The voters will also answer a referendum …

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